Dilli Haat INA Location, Attraction, Timings | Entry Fees & Phone Number

Dilli Haat INA Attraction

Dilli Haat provides the ambience and feels of a village haat or rural market, but Dilli Haat is a permanent market. It has a paid entrance and a vast expanse of the craft market. It is located in the South Delhi region opposite INA. It is 6 acres of land on which this market blooms. The haat is run by the Delhi Tourism and Transportation Development Corporation (DTTDC). we are hare providing useful information about the Dilli Haat INA Such as Dilli Haat INA Location, Dilli Haat INA Opening & Closing Timings, Dilli Haat Entry Fees/Ticket Price, Phone Number etc.

Craftsmen from all over the country lay down their stalls or shops here. They have to get registered with D. C. Handcrafts. The stalls are allotted on a rotational basis upon payment of fees. The maximum days for which stalls are allotted is 15 days.

Dilli Haat INA Attraction

Dilli Hart INA Delhi transports you to a different world and presents you with the magic of food and craft. One gets to experience the varied cultures and heritage coming from different regions in one place. The food stalls here are full of mouthwatering delicacies. Be it the momos from Sikkim or the Dhokla from Gujarat or Kebabs from Jammu or the Pooranpolis from Maharashtra. One gets everything a taste bud can desire for. The haat also has its local street food like chaat and Pani Puri.

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The craftsmanship of traders is so pleasing to the eye that one gets hooked to the different intricacies of the art. The creativity which they bring to the table gives a run to the big corporate house designers. It is this reason why the local craft has so much respect and demand in foreign countries.

The architecture of the haat has a northern influence. It is built to give the feel and look of a village. The thatched roofs and mud walls give the ethnic look to the entire structure.


Address:- Dilli Haat, INA, Aurobindo Marg, New Delhi
Phone Number:- 011-26119055,


Cost of Ticket/Entry Fees:-  Rs.30/- for Adults and

                                                         Rs.20/- for Children.

                                            Rs. 100/- for Foreigner


Timings:- 10:30 AM to 10 PM (Open on all days)


One can reach the Haat through the INA station of Delhi Metro. There are buses which go to this place from all over Delhi including the airport. The residents nearby can take an auto-rickshaw to reach here. The Delhi Haat at Janakpuri can also be reached by metro, Metro is the most convenient and cheap mode of transport in Delhi.


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