Himalayan Zoological Park Gangtok Location, Tourist Attraction, Timing, Entry Fees

himalayan zoo gangtok location, timing, entry fess

The Zoological Park is one of the most famous Zoological parks located in Gangtok – Sikkim. The state is one of the smallest as compared to other Indian states. The place is also visited by thousands of tourists on regular basis every year. People who love nature and natural beauty visit Himalayan Zoological park Gangtok. You may get to enjoy the true nature of its natural beauty and cleanliness. You can get to enjoy watching wild animals n their natural surroundings. The place is also located just nearby to the Gangtok city.

Himalayan Zoological Park Gangtok Tourist Attraction, Facility

The park is spread over 205 hectares of land and green forest at an altitude of 8000 to 5000 feet above sea level. You may find many endangered species of wild animals and birds including the red panda, snow leopard, black panther, Bengal tiger, Himalayan wolf, bear and blue ship.

The moment you are planning to visit the park you need to ensure that you have at least three to four hours to spend. The zoo is widespread over a vast area. Apart from this you also need to take special care of senior citizens and sick people as the park is located at a very high altitude. The zoo facility has also ensured that you get to enjoy few endangered species within enclosures while most of the species are found out in the wild open space. You can also get to be a  part of the mountaineering institute located inside the park area.

 Park Timings                                          

The zoo is open from morning 9 AM for visitors and up till 4 PM. You can collect more information online about Himalayan Zoological park timing. The parking facility is working on all weekdays except Thursdays. You still need to check with zoo timings before you actually visit the place. The park is also best to visit during February and May or from September until December.

Entry fee

For each adult, you will have to pay a fee of Rs 25 while a fee of Rs 10 is payable for each child. You are also allowed to take your personal vehicles inside the park to the certain extent. You may have to pay the entry fee of Rs 40 for cars while Rs 100 for SUV and MUV. You are also allowed to carry the camera inside the park for free.

Places to visit and facilities

Inside the park, you may find multiple shops points and rest places. The toilet facilities are also provided inside the park for visitors. The park also has a centralized watchtower and a cafeteria. At most places, you may also find vehicle parking zones for tourists.

Gangtok zoo location

The zoological park is located within the city center and nearby to the Bulbulay point. You can easily reach from the city center by private transport or private cabs. You can also use the state transport buses.

Contact information

In case you need to contact the zoological park authorities then you can reach them at 03592- 281188.


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