Maharaj Bagh Zoo, Nagpur Attraction, Ticket Price, Timing, Contact Number

Maharaj bagh zoo, nagpur

We always want to go to someplace where we can learn and enjoy ourselves as well. Nature is our mother. Animals and plants are important in our life. We need to learn about wildlife. The zoo is the best place to explore. Zoo visits are always fun. “Maharaj Bagh Zoo” is one such place where you can learn about wildlife. In this article, we are discussing the  “Maharaj Bagh Zoo”, timings, ticket price, contact number, location.

Know Everything About Maharaj Bagh Zoo, Nagpur

Maharaj bagh Zoo is located in Nagpur City. It is a central zoo in Nagpur. Built by the Bhonsle and Maratha rulers, the most well-known garden in Nagpur City. Home for species like tigers, monkeys, peacocks, leopards, etc.

Attraction of Park

Animals in Maharaj Bagh: Maharaj Bagh is famous for rare species of wildlife. It is the home of many species – Lions, Tigers, peacocks, leopards, deers, monkeys, Crocodiles and many wild animals. So many animals are moved to a new park. Still, many animals are present in Maharaj Bagh.

Pair of leopards: There are many leopards in Maharaj Bagh Zoo. One famous pair of leopards is in maharaja Bagh. The name of the pair is Julie and Gopal. Died in 2006 but still pair cube present in the Zoo.

Tigers at the Maharaj Bagh Zoo: The tiger is the main attraction at the Maharaj Bagh Zoo. The tiger is known as “Biptya” On the skin of the tiger, black round spots are present. This is the identity of Biptya.

Maharaj Bagh Zoo Nagpur

Plant Species: Many rare species are present in Maharaj Bagh. A Botanical Garden is recently added to the Maharaj Bagh Zoo. Research is conducted on animals and plants here.

How to Reach Maharaj Bagh

Park Name:- Maharaj Bagh Zoo, Nagpur

Address:- Amaravati Road, Gorepeth, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440010

Timing:- 8.00 AM to 6.00 PM (Monday Closed)

Contact Number:- 91-7122523720

Entry Fees Of Mahraj Bagh Zoo Nagpur:- Rs. 30/- For Adult.

                                                                  Rs. 15/- For Child.

Route to Maharaj Bagh Zoo

  • By Car: You can go to Maharaj Bagh Zoo by car. There are no traffic issues in Nagpur City.
  • By Bus: Municipal corporation buses are available for transport. The buses are known as “star Bus.” Take the star bus to Maharaj Bagh.
  • By local Auto: Shared auto rickshaw also available to Maharaj Bagh Zoo.

 Prefer which is suitable for you.

Recently, Maharaj Bagh was renovated, added new animal species and a botanical garden. Many animals were moved to a new park because of this small zoo’s limited space. new safari park with Gorewada Lake in the city. Still, many animals are available in Maharaj Bagh. The location of Maharaj Bagh is good. Many tourists are attracted by its location. Maharaj beach is on Amravati Road. Schools and colleges arrange an educational visit to the Maharaj Bagh Zoo. It is the best picnic spot for students, friends and family. everyone must have to visit the Maharaj Bagh Zoo.

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