Hisar Deer Park Haryana Location, Timings, Entry Fees, Helpline number

hisar deer park location, timing, entry fees

Hisar deer park is a famous deer park in the state of Haryana. It is famous for some of its very rare deer species, that are only found in this part of the park. You may get to enjoy some of the best deer species like spotted deer, Sambhar, Black Buck and much more. Apart from this, the park is also surrounded by natural mini forest area that is completely maintained by the Haryana state forest department. So the moment you visit this park you will get to enjoy the natural scenic beauty of the place.

Hisar Deer Park Haryana Location, Tourist Attraction

The place is easily accessible from the main city railway station and is just around 7 km distance. It is also one of the traditional zoos that were set up by the government with an aim to help people educate about the disappearing breed of deer. The government wants to educate the local population and tourists about the related fauna and flora of the area.

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The deer park is one of the most famous tourist attraction spots in the zoo area. One of the most interesting points to keep in mind is that the animals in the zoo are not enclosed in cages. They are free to roam in the natural surroundings and people can enjoy them from a nearby distance.

The place has also not yet been developed by the government altering its natural beauty so you may find that animals are not disturbed by pollution from toy trains. The government has not yet provided the facility of toy train in the zoo. Tourists can enjoy the natural beauty of the nature walking a few miles as the park is not too big. You may also find that the government has not yet set up any library or museum in the zoo. This means that the natural environment has been protected for the animals.

You may also find that the park is well protected by the natural forest that is protected by authorities. The mini forest is also visited by most tourists from around the world.


The park is located just at a distance of 7 km from the main railway station. So you can easily get there via public transport within few minutes drive. You can also hire the taxi from the city that will only charge you over Rs 200 till the park. A three-wheeler rick will only charge over Rs 50. The park is located at Hisar Dhansu road. It can be easily accessed from major highways from Delhi, Jaipur, and Chandigarh.

Location/Address:- Hisar Dhansu Road, Hisar, Haryana – 560022


The park is opened from Mondays to Sundays from morning 9 AM onwards till 7 PM. So you can reach your own convenience.

Park Timings:- 7:30 AM to 11 PM

Entry Tickets

The Hisar Deer Park is owned and supervised by the government and forest department. So the entry fee is very much nominal. You may find that the charges of the fee are not clearly mentioned online as they keep changing depending on the varying season.

Helpline number

You can reach the Haryana state forest department directly via phone at 0172-2743239 / 0172- 2740231.

Phone Number:- 0172-2743239



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