Indore Zoo Location/Address, Timings | Zoo Entry Fees, Contact Number

indore zoo location, timing

A Zoo is a park where animals are exhibited. A zoo is a splendid traveling spot. A visit to the zoo is very beneficial especially for children as they get information about animals.  Today I will give you information about a renowned zoo.  Kamla Nehru Prank Sangrhalaya also was known as Indore Zoo is a renowned zoo.This Chidiya Ghar of Indore is located in Navlakha area. Indore Zoo is owned by the Indore Municipal Corporation. This zoo is a very renowned zoo because of the variety of animals present here. All kinds of animals are preserved in this zoo. 

Indore Zoo Attraction | List of Animals 

This zoo is a very renowned zoo because of the variety of animals present here. All kinds of animals are preserved in this zoo. Animals like a white tiger, panther, Asiatic lion, elephants, various birds, various types of exotic plants, birds..etc, enhance the glory of  Indoor zoo.The facilities provided at Indore zoo satisfies all their visitors.Some of the basic facilities provided here are Clean drinking water, shades, a place to rest, first aid in case of any medical emergency, parking facility, all these facilities are provided in Indore Chidiya Ghar for the comfort of visitors.A visit to the Indore zoo can leave you in awe of the lovely place. The visuals of the exotic creatures will make you feel close to nature.

Indore zoo Timing

Indore zoo welcomes the visitors from Tuesday to Sunday. Monday the zoo remains closed.The timing schedule of the Indore zoo is from March to June, the visitors can visit from 9 AM to 7 PM, whereas from July to February the visitors can visit from 9 AM to 6 PM.The above-mentioned schedule is followed by the renowned Indore Zoo.

Indore Zoo – Entry Ticket

For an Indian citizen, the Zoo ticket is Rs.10. For foreigners the ticket fee is Rs.500. For children, less than 2years of age the entry fee is not charged. Charges for utilizing the still camera is Rs.30, whereas the charges for using the video camera is Rs.50. The charges vary accordingly as they are based on the type of usage the visitor makes. There is a marvelous guiding tour offered by the Indore Zoo, this wildlife guiding tour helps the school children, tourists and visitors to easily see the sights of the zoo. So don’t miss to visit such a conspicuous place. It will serve as a trip full of zest.

Indore Zoo Location/Address:- Indore Navlakha, A.B Road, Indore- 452001 (M.P)

Indore Zoo Timings:- 9 AM to 7 PM (Except Monday)

Indore Zoo Entry Fees:- Rs. 10/- Per Person

Contact number of the Indore Zoo:–  072258 69026


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