Khari baoli Delhi – Asia’s largest spice market

khari baoli delhi location

With over thousands of mysterious places, adorable streets, historical museums, Delhi has been the best tourist destination for years. Be it a native or seasonal tourist, this wonderful city keeps us fascinating in every single way. Exploring some interesting places in Delhi can be really amazing. One of the most interesting things is that this city not just popularly known as a tourist destination but also explores many hidden bijou shops which sell hot snacks that make you happy. There are a lot of things out here, which makes you stick to the shops.

Interesting Facts About the Khari Baoli Spice Market, New Delhi

One such interesting & must-visit place is Khari Baoli. From that name itself, you can be very clear that it is specially designed to grab the viewers by showing off the creativity by selling hot snacks items that are delicious and crunchy. This is why khari baoli has been the largest wholesale spice market in India.


With the great desire of attracting a large number of visitors, the Khari Baoli Delhi was built in the 17th century, since then it has been the best and largest spice shop in Asia for years. Interestingly, it was inaugurated & maintained under Salim Shah’s kingdom.  Fatehpur begum was responsible for building Fatehpuri Masjid, who was the beloved wife of the Shah Jahan, a great Mughal emperor.  The big bazar was popularly known as Khari Baoli during his reign.

What it offers

 A large number of traders gather together in a big bazaar to sell delicious things and carry on their trade as well. While for many traders, it might be the golden opportunity to organize the things and gain more profits than they expected. Whether it is delicious samosa, or drizzling Pani-poori or even a cup of coffee, Khari baoli might be the best place you have ever witnessed.

Being the largest spice market, it lets you choose from a different variety of species in no time. Surprisingly, the origin, history, and highlights of spices can be narrated well in these shops. While you can have dried mulberries, prunes and cashew nuts which are bought from Pakistan & Afghanistan, some have purely dried plums and almond nuts bought from local stores. As soon as you enter the grand Kharibaoli, the delicious species accompanied with rich smell and taste will leave you mesmerized on the go.


Some of the popular species that people choose among millions are wheat pulses, dry fruits, grains, rice, refined salts, pulses, black salts etc. For health conscious people, it is the must-visit place that brings smile & happiness. Have you ever wondered how women in north India are blessed with shiny & beautiful hair? It is just because of the reetha, a traditional herb that grows near the local area.  This amazing place boasts of a variety of traditional herbs, ayurvedic basils, and medicines. if anyone from Delhi and wants to visit the Khari Baoli Spice Market Delhi and have no idea about how to reach there. here the details about the Khari baoli market Delhi such as Khari baoli Delhi location/Address, Khari Baoli Market Timing etc.

Important Details

Location/Address:- Near Red Fort, Old Delhi-6, India

Nearest Metro:- Chandni Chowk, nearest Metro

Khari Baoli Market Timing:- 10 AM to 9 PM


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