Top 11 Things to Do Near Mahabaleshwar Hill Station

Mahabaleshwar gives the roof of the shelter to top-notch part of the Western Ghats or Sahyadri Ranges. This is the absolute spot where bulks of enthusiasts gather for adventurous sports. These ranges are the ideal spot for rock climbing, hiking, rappelling, zip-lining, and a lot more! The limit of Mahabaleshwar is not just limited to super exciting experiences of adventures; even families and couples can have the ultimate pleasure visiting this place.

There are plenty of tourist activities that are offered in Mahabaleshwar which will trigger you to perform them, but not all these activities are worth doing. So, in this article, you’ll witness some of the top things to do near Mahabaleshwar Hill Station with best Mahabaleshwar Tour Packages.

1. A Must Visit At Wax Museum

If you love Bollywood and its celebrities, then you’ll surely to visit these wax museums in the city of Mahabaleshwar.

There are specifically 2 museums which showcase realistic wax statues of World leaders, pop celebrities, and Bollywood stars. So, make your way here and love clicking pictures with your favourite celebrities.

Location: Bhavani Wax Museum, Meghna Food Studio, and Hollywood Wax Museum,

  1. Explore Panchgani/Wai

One of the best places to visit near Mahabaleshwar Hill Station is Wai and Panchgani towns. These towns are at a distance of less than an hour from Mahabaleshwar. Panchgani is glorified with its beautiful restaurants and a few of the spectacular places such as Parsi Point, Table Land, a few of the neighbouring villages which offer thrilling adventures.

The Sherbaug site in Panchgani is blessed with rare fauna species and is an excellent spot for bird watching. This places also offers recreational activities for fun like stargazing and paragliding.

  1. Enjoy Trekking

Mahabaleshwar is one of the most popular places for trekking as it offers enough terrain for going out on the adventure trip. The spot is loaded with surprises, especially during the monsoon season and even after the monsoon.

The boundless waterfalls, Krishna river views, breathtaking valleys, and beautiful dams and the nearby small villages contribute to making this expedition a great experience. The nearby Pratapgarh Fort is also a land worth seeing.

Some of the famous trekking sites are:

  • Tapola Trek, nearby Mahabaleshwar
  • Rajgarh Trek, nearby Mahabaleshwar
  • Trekking at Connaught Peak in Mahabaleshwar
  1. Boating at Venna

The Venna Lake flourishing in Mahabaleshwar is one of the most popular spots amongst the tourists for a mixture of experiences and food it offers.

Going for a boat ride at Lake Venna is one such wonderful experience which is given a complete look with its surrounding picturesque landscapes. Although, this experience you can only witness in the months from October to June. This lake is generally closed at the time of monsoon.

  1. Wilson Point

An extensive plateau named, Wilson Point is one of the best places to visit in Mahabaleshwar. You can have a fabulous start to your day by visiting this point. Grab the stunning sunrise view from any of the 3 lookouts/watchpoints present here.

Have the signature of fun activities here with extensive sceneries waiting for the visitors here. So, enjoy at its peak at one of the highest points in the city.

6. Shop a lot in Mahabaleshwar

While your visit to Mahabaleshwar, weigh your bags with fresh raspberries and delicious strawberries. The place is also famous for flavoursome marmalades, jams, jellies, and more.

Have your stop at the leather items, handicrafts, Kolhapuri footwear, and a lot more from Town Bazaar.

  1. Helen’s Point

Helen’s Point, also known as Blue Valley, is worth visiting for its panoramic beauty punctuated by miniature huts, cascading waterfalls, and deep valleys. The giggling Krishna River flows through this point. It’s the prime attraction featuring North Coat Point, Gavalani Point, and Robbers Cave.

 8. Lodwick Point, Mahabaleshwar Overview

Mahabaleshwar’s Lodwick Point is situated at a distance of 5 Km to the west of the city. This standpoint offers an unparalleled view of Elphinstone Point and Pratapgarh Fort.

There’s a large Lord Lodwick’s statue positioned on this site. People from all over India visit this place to witness this incredible statue. Earlier Lockwick Point was known by the name, “Sydney Point”.

This point particularly holds the perfect spot for catching beautiful glimpses of Pratapgad Fort along with Elphinstone Point.

  1. Go for Strawberry Picking

Have fun in visiting Mahabaleshwar’s strawberry farm to witness the authentic tradition of cultivation of strawberries and other berries’ types. Here, you’ll learn how to check if the strawberries are fresh or not.

At the tasting centre, you can even get a sample of these berries. The shops at the farm sell strawberry juices, fruits, and chikki.

Also, eating fresh carrots are popular here, which is a must thing to do!

Location: Laxmi Strawberry Farm

10. Shop & Eat at the Mapro Garden

After visiting a strawberry farm, it’s quite the possibility that might have fallen in immense love with that fantastic experience. So, continuing this experience, find yourself now at the Maple Garden. This famous garden is the fusion of fun, relaxation, and good food.

At this beautiful garden, there are even selfie spots, where amazing pictures can be clicked by you to load your social media page.

Pizzas, sandwiches, and waffle are the most favourite ones and immensely popular among kids from the neighbouring boarding schools.

Location: Mapro Garden

  1. Table Land

Table Land acknowledges being one of the best places to see in Panchgani, nearby Mahabaleshwar. It’s Asia’s 2nd largest plateau, fund on the barren hills.

This place offers dual adventure; one, where you can get involved in the paragliding adventure and the other one in viewing the astounding region.

Table Land also credits itself for having the incomparable incredible view of Krishna Valley along with beautiful Panchgani’s village.

A perfect view of Rajpuri Caves and Devil’s Kitchen can be seen here where Pandavas lived during their exile as per epic Mahabharata tale.

So, with best Mahabaleshwar Tour packages from Mumbai spend your weekend away from the city’s monotony.


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