Top Romantic Places in Ahmedabad For Couples

romantic places in ahmedabad

Ahmedabad is a City in Gujarat state. The place is known for its hospitality, food, shopping areas, busy markets and business background. Even if the streets are generally crowded still you may find many places to visit if you are looking to spend time with your girlfriend.

Here in this article, we shall quickly cover reviews of few places that are romantic and best choice for couples.

  1. Vastrapur Lake

This is an ideal place for couples as it is very romantic. It is not very far from the City center as it is located in Western parts of Ahmedabad. You can travel by road reach in an hour.

To get till there you have to travel to Nehru Park. You can reach this place by bus or any other transport. It is located near Nehru Park circle, Sargam Marg.

Timings – Vastrapur Lake is an ideal romantic place in Ahmedabad as it is open all weekdays from morning 8 AM till 10 PM. There is no entry fee for Visiting Vastrapur Lake.

2. Victoria Garden

If you like to spend time in your privacy enjoying the nature, then Victoria Garden is one of the best places for couples. The benefit is that to spend your time at Victoria Garden you may not have to spend any money.

You can also share the History with your couple in your privacy. The Garden is one the best historical places in Ahmedabad. The Garden was built in historical time to honor the Queen of London – Victoria. The Garden looks very attractive because of its lush looks and greenery that is spread all around.

Location – It is located at Raikhad in Ahmedabad near Tilak Park and Riverfront Park, Swami Vivekanand Road.

Timings – The Park is open on all weekdays and from morning 8 AM to 10 PM. There is no entry fee for the park.

The Garden is one of the best Romantic Gardens in Ahmedabad and is accessible at the City center.

3. Kankaria Lake

If you are looking around for pace to visit in Ahmedabad with the girlfriend then there can be no better option than Kankaria Lake. The place is also ideal and well known for displaying a beautiful light show at the night time. Constructed in recent time, it is also available for couples for free as you can sit in your privacy and enjoy the light show during the night time.

Location – The place can be reached by traveling South Eastern Ahmedabad. The place is in the City center and accessible from major parts of the city by public transport itself. You can easily spend around 3 to 4 hours here away from the crowd. It is located in Himmat Nagar village, Maninagar area.

Timings – The Lake is open from 9 AM to 5 PM. It does not have an entry fee but you may have to pay for other services inside the lake including Hot air Balloon which is option services.

4. Sabarmati River

Ahmedabad is a place that is well known for Sabarmati river banks. The government has made the city friendly and welcoming for tourists. The banks of the Sabarmati River are best known for its concrete corniche. It is developed on both sides of the river bank that stretches right from the middle of the city.

Location – You can access it from different parts of the City. It is mostly crowded with local people, so it an ideal romantic or safe place in Ahmedabad. You can best react it from Ellis Bridge or Nehru Bridge, Lal Darwaja.

Timings – In general, you may find people in this place from morning 8 AM until late night 11 PM.

The corniche is also accessible for free so you may not have to spend any money to enjoy the beautiful banks of Sabarmati River with your girlfriend in your privacy.

You have to keep in mind that Ahmedabad is a City that is very much welcome for young couples and tourists alike.


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