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If you are planning to go to a natural place along with your family or friends, it can’t get any better than going to Alipore Zoological Garden, Kolkata. With the mesmerizing nature and a wide variety of animals, it certainly will be the most rejuvenating as well as educative experience for you and your family.This Kolkata zoo started way back in 1876 and is located close to the river Ganga with an incredibly impressive scenic beauty. Unlike any other zoo, this zoo has been consistently engaged in the Sundar Ban wild life preservation. Many wounded birds and animals are brought and kept under special care in this Zoo and this has helped massively in the preservation of the endangered species of Sundar Ban. The Zoo charges a very nominal entry fee of Rs 25 per person. It is open from 9 am to 5 pm every day. However, it is closed on Thursdays.  You can certainly have an amazing time there and if you are along with your family, this is going to the best gift for them. Watching the amazing animals and bird species like This proves the stunning beauty of the Alipore Zoological Garden

Kolkata Zoo, Alipore Attraction

The close proximity to the River Ganga makes it an incredible natural place with a wide variety of animals, reptiles, and birds like Zebra, Tigers, Leopards, Kingfisher, Mongoose and much more. You will be totally captivated with absolutely no idea of how quickly the time goes by. On top of that, there are kiosks at various points in Garden to provide the visitors with tea, snacks and cold drinks. This zoo is best known for the Aldabra Giant Tortoise Adwaita which lived for 250 years till it died on 2006. The Alipore Zoological Garden has a huge number of visitors every day and is seen as one of the finest zoos in India. Also, the Zoo has an excellent aquarium with unbelievably amazing fishes for the visitors to watch. The Zoo unlike many other zoos in India allows photography at a nominal charge of Rs 250/-  per hour and now you easily capture the best moments you have had at the Alipore Zoo.

Animals Inside the Alipore Zoological Gardens, Kolkata

  • Sloth Bear
  • Bengal Tiger
  • Jaguar
  • Leopard
  • Jackal
  • Indian Lion
  • Grant’s Zebra
  • Giraffe
  • Indian One Horned Rhinoceros
  • Assamese Macaque
  • Himalayan Black Bear
  • Indian Python
  • Long Snouted Crocodile
  • Indian Starred Tortoise
  • Indian Cobra
  • Marsh Crocodile
  • Albino Rose Ringed Parakeet
  • Love Bird
  • Red Vented Bulbul, etc.

Facilities at the Alipore Zoological Gardens

  • Rest areas
  • Kiosks at several points
  • Drinking Water
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Children’s park

Useful Information about the Kolkata Zoo

Entry ticket price for Zoo: Rs. 25/- per person   & Rs. 30/- on Saturday, Sunday and National Holidays .

Alipore Zoo Timing: 9 am to 5 pm every day

Closed on: Thursday

Kolkata Zoo, Alipore Address/Location: – Zoological Garden, Alipore Road No.2, Calcutta, West Bengal, India, Pin: 700 027

Nearest Railway Station: – Khidirpur

Bus Stop: – Ekbalpur

Nearest Metro Station: –  Netaji Bhavan

Helpline/ Contact Number of Alipore Zoo, Kolkata: – +91 33 2479 1150, +91 33 2439 9391

Email: –





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