Best Places to Celebrate Valentine’s Day In Delhi

valentine's day celebration in delhi

When speaking of Delhi, there certainly is no shortage for couples to enjoy Valentines Day celebration. As many options available making the right selection does become very much difficult for anyone. In case you really don’t want to end up messed up, you can follow the guidelines provided in our article for making your best selection. Some of the best and most romantic places within Delhi for Valentines Day celebration are mentioned here.

Place To Visit In Delhi For Valentines Day Celebration

Mountain Café- Sakley’s

In case you are the one who loves enjoying Valentines Day celebration for an entire weekend then this is the right place for you. The place is well known for organizing festival during this special occasion for an entire week. You can get to enjoy the special cuisine, light, dance, and music. The place is also not very much expensive and a couple can easily enjoy nice time just by spending around Rs 2000 per couple. The place is located in Greater Kailash part of the City.

Boombox café

For couples looking forward to enjoying a great time during Valentines Day, Boombox reloaded is just the right place. You can enjoy the Live band, music and Air bar along with some of the best views. On Valentines Day they also arrange special dinner course. Couples can easily enjoy their best time by spending nearly Rs 1300 per couple at Rajouri Garden café.

Café Tonino

This is one of the well-known places at the time of Valentines Day. The place offers you with best opportunity to enjoy the day in your own privacy. The place is located within the City limits at Connaught place. The interior of the place is always beautifully decorated for the occasion. You can enjoy exquisite styled cuisine within your own space. Couples an get to enjoy their date on Valentines Day just for Rs 1500 or more.

Le Café –Les Parisiennes

This place is just very much unusual as compared to any other places in Delhi. The café has been crafted out of a traditional Haveli. The place is a perfect blend of a café and store. Couples may find the stunning Parisian décor very much elegant. One main benefit of coming to this place is that you can enjoy your shopping as well as café. The café is well known to serve some of the most elegant French dishes. To enjoy the dish and shop at the store you just don’t have to leave the café premises. Located at Shahpur Jat the place is also very much affordable as you just have to spend around Rs 800 per couple.

Claridges – Sevilla

Couples who love to enjoy Valentines Day in a very special and romantic way then there certainly is no other better option and place as compared to Sevilla. The place is located at the Hotel Claridges. This is also considered as one of the most romantic places within Delhi for enjoying Valentines Day. You get to enjoy some of the best views of flowing water, amazing cabanas and soft wind. It is obvious that when enjoying at Sevilla you will get to enjoy the time of your lifetime.

One main drawback with this place is that you may have to spend a little more on the higher side to enjoy the day with your date to over Rs 4500 per couple.



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