Best Romantic Places to Visit In Ranchi For Couples

top romantic places in ranchi

Ranchi is a beautiful place, especially for couples. There are a number of romantic spots where couples can enjoy the best time in their own privacy. if you have the plan to spend some quality time with your loved ones then you must visit in the given places. Here are a few best place and safe places in Ranchi for couples.

Places to Visit In Ranchi With Girlfriend/Boyfriend

Bhagawan Birsa Biological Park 

This is an ideal spot for couples who like to have their own privacy. You certainly will get plenty of time and would love its green layout. The Biological park is widespread over vast acres and is covered with a green layout.

Location:- Main Road National Highway  33, Ormanjhi, Chakla, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

JD High Street Mall 

If you want to spend time with your girlfriend, then Mall is one of the best places to visit. The place offers a lot of excitement at Bowling alley, game zone, and multiplex. You can also get to enjoy some of the best cuisines. The Church Complex is one of the centers of attractions for shopping and other activities.

Patratu Valley

 If you like to enjoy the Picturesque views then Patratu valley is one of the ideal spots to visit in Ranchi. This is one of the places where you may enjoy the drive and the natural scenic beauty.

Location:- Kanke Patratu Road, Ramgarh District, Ranchi Jharkhand- 82909

Hundru falls 

couples who enjoy scenic beauty and waterfalls may love to visit Hundru falls. The place is having picturesque falls and is also just 45 Km drive from the city. You will get to enjoy the beauty of Purulia Ranchi road along the banks of Subarnarekha river. This is one of the most romantic places in Ranchi for couples. The falls are located at the height of 320 feet above sea level and the place at the bottom of the falls is also one of the most preferred picnic spots for most couples.

Location:- Ranchi District, Jharkhand.

Jonha Falls

this falls is also known by the name Gautamdhara and is just 40 Km drive from the main city. You can reach the place by train or road. The falls are considered as the best place for romance as it displays 500 step falls. Apart from this, you can also the privacy at the Budha temple next to River Kanchi.

Location:- Ranchi District, Jharkhand.

Dassam Falls

The Dassam Falls is also one of the most preferred picnic spots and places to visit in Ranchi with girlfriend/boyfriend. To reach this place you will just have to drive around  34 km from the city towards Tata-Ranchi road. It is located just in Taimara village and gets to enjoy the Kanchi river falls from the height of 144 feet above the ground level. The place also has beautiful green surroundings.

Location:- Ranchi District, Tarub, Jharkhand, 835204

Besides couples can also visit the Panch Gagh falls that is just a drive of 6 Kms from Khunti. Here you can enjoy the five streams and be forming Banai river at the bottom. You may not have to worry about cataracts walks as the walkway is cemented. Here you may also get to enjoy the biggest water stream.

The Windfalls is yet another location for couples in Ranchi where you may enjoy the natural forest and waterfalls. Apart from this, you can also enjoy temples and Hills in Ranchi that are located at the lakeside.


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