JEE Chemistry Preparation Tips to Help You Ace the Exam

If scoring more in JEE is your main goal then you have high chances of doing so if you master chemistry concepts. In comparison to physics and mathematics, chemistry is an easy and scoring subject. Normally, the questions asked in the JEE chemistry section are straightforward and they are mostly designed to test the understanding of concepts. Meanwhile, physics and maths questions are quite complex, tricky and they require adept analyzing and problem-solving skills. This is not the case with chemistry. If you are through with the concepts then solving questions will be a simple task.

Having said that, you should not ignore studying this subject or keep it for last moment studies. Chemistry has different sections and therefore requires a proper approach. There are also a lot of reactions, experiments, and formulas that require good memory skills. What we are trying to say here is that you should be smart and realize that JEE is a serious undertaking. You will have to put in some effort, plan properly and stay focused on your goal. Here we have highlighted some useful JEE preparation tips for the chemistry section. You can follow these to study productively and ace the exam. Let’s look at them below

 Understand the Learning Objectives

Before starting your chemistry preparation, you should make it a point to go through the syllabus and gain insight into the learning objectives of the course.  Understanding the syllabus will also help you get a complete overview of the important chapters and topics liked-block elements, chemical bonding or atomic structure, etc. With this wealth of information, you can develop an effective preparation strategy.

Study All the Parts Equally

 As mentioned above, chemistry has three main parts – Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. You need to focus on studying all the sections equally as they as mostly interconnected. However, you can also keep certain things in mind while studying these parts. For physical chemistry, you should develop a good understanding of concepts. For inorganic chemistry, you will require good memorization skills. For organic chemistry, you need to be good at solving problems and you need to practice a lot of the reactions, mechanisms and equations.

Always Move From Basic To Advanced Terminologies

Chemistry contains both easy as well as complex topics. Therefore, you should focus on mastering the basic concepts first and then only move on to the advanced or complex ones. There are also topics that are inter-related. For example, to understand chemical equilibrium, you need to know about chemical reactions in detail. Remember, you should develop a good base when it comes to mastering chemistry concepts.

Remembering Formulas

Chemistry deals with a lot of experiments, formulas and chemical reactions. For this, you will need to memorize the important formulas. You can either make flash cards or keep a separate notebook where you can write down all the formulas, equations, etc. You can use these tools for quick revision. Also, keep practising solving the equations.

Study Materials

There are a lot of JEE chemistry study materials available both online and offline which you can use extensively. You can make use of additional books by authors like O.P. Tandon, J.D. Lee, Morrison Boyd, R.C. Mukherjee amongst others which have been specifically developed for JEE chemistry. You can also use NCERT Books. Additionally, you should collect and solve question papers as well as attempt mock tests. These will significantly boost your preparation.

These are some of the key tips that you need to keep in mind if you are gearing up to write the JEE exam. A word of advice: always stay motivated to learn, have a positive mindset during your preparation and give your best in the exam time.


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