Top Best Beauty Parlors In Delhi- Location, Contact Information

top best beauty parlor in delhi

When speaking of Delhi, it is the Capital City of the country. Delhi is well known for its hospitality, fashion statements, and food services. Likewise, the people in Delhi are very much fashion conscious and so when in Delhi you may find a number of renowned beauty parlors widespread in different locations of the City. Some of the top beauty parlors in Delhi has been discussed here in this article along with their contact information.

1. Viva Look Lady Saloon

This certainly is one of the top-rated parlors in present time. Ever since its establishment in 2015, the place has been a hub for most fashion caring women from different parts of the City. The parlor is also known to have a wide database of well-satisfied customers. The parlor also employs well trained and professional staff.

Location – to get to Viva lady you will have to travel till Dwarka sector 7. The Parlor is located at the central location just nearby to HP gas agency. The parlor is open from10 AM till 8 PM on all weekdays.

Contact – In case you need to make further enquiry then you can reach them on 91523-94371 at your convenience.

2. Beauty At Home

This certainly is the next in the range of top rated beauty parlors in the City. One of the main benefits of Beauty At home parlor is that they offer full-fledged parlor services at the convenience of your home. The customers who need to take services will have to make bookings over the phone call.

Location – The beauty parlor has its head office based at Gurgaon Main road, near Omar City Centre Delhi.

Contact – customers can easily reach the administration for booking services at 91526 38603. They offer customers with 24 hours service.

3. Waves Unisex Designer and Bridal studio

If you are looking around for best ladies beauty parlor in Delhi the waves are the best option available.  Established in 1996, the place has been one of the most frequently visited parlors within Noida Sector. They offer with the complete solution for your beauty requirements under one roof. You may also find that the parlor is widespread in a big location and is mostly filled in by regular customers.

Location – To place is located in the City center and one of the most prime locations in the City. You can visit the place located in the Noida, Sector 18, Delhi.

Contact – To fix your appointment in advance for convenience you can reach them at 120-4354554, 120-4227664, 99996 29932 from 10 AM onwards till 8 PM.

4. Tangles Unisex Parlor

The place is one of the famous beauty parlors in Delhi NCR area. This is also a parlor that was established in 2008. They offer with some of the best services in the industry. The customer list includes some of the best customers from within Delhi and nearby areas.

Location – To visit the place you will have to travel to Malibu town at Delhi. The place is nearby to the Good Earth City Center.

Contact  – To book the services you can contact them on 91524 38241.

Apart from this, you can also search the internet for the top list of beauty parlors in Delhi/NCR region online.


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