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sulabh toilet museum delhi location attraction

Today I will tell you about an interesting place. Sulaubh International museum of the toilet is a renowned museum which displays the history of the toilet. It is located in Delhi.This place traces the entire history of sanitation. Sulaubh museum of toilets is run by Sulabh international.In 1992, Dr.Bindeshwar Pathak established this renowned and unique museum.The objective of this museum is to make people aware of toilet use and sanitation. Toilets which were built in antiquity that is in ancient times, as well as toilets that prevail today, are shown in this museum. Sanitation and toilet is the basic need of man. People are not aware of the consequences that will be caused if they don’t make use of toilets and don’t follow sanitary measures.The designs and structures of ancient toilets till current time are showcased in this museum.

This is an international museum and many visitors visit this place frequently. This museum is a masterpiece as it gives us information by displaying pictures and various rare objects. It traces the historical evolution of the history of toilets in the world. It also gives us information about how people made the toilets and what were the social customs and it highlights how things related to toilets are completely different today. The art museum also has beautiful toilet related poems. in this article, you will aware about the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets like as Entry Timing, Entry Fees, Museum Location/Address, Phone Number etc.

Children can learn lots after they visit this museum. Right from childhood, they must be aware of sanitary measures.A Visit to the Sulaubh International museum of toilets will serve as an educational trip for students.

Explanation of water closet is given and this helps people to understand the situation of people during those times when they didn’t have water closet facility. Models of medieval and ancient commodes are also displayed, they are truly wonderful. Medieval mobile toilets are also displayed. Englishmen made use of mobile toilets whenever they went out for the hunting trip. The distinct varieties of toilet systems make our visit truly blissful.

The kings, Roman emperors used toilet pots made up of gold and silver, such pots are also displayed in this museum. The museum preserves each bit of information related to the development of toilets. Pictures of toilets used in the world are displayed here as well as their national flags are also displayed. It’s a true masterpiece and has a unique and noteworthy purpose, the purpose is to spread awareness about toilet and sanitation worldwide. Facilities like drinking water and washrooms are provided here. It’s a great thing, as they don’t charge any extra money to click pictures. Photography is absolutely free.

Additional Information

Address- RZ-83, Sulabh Bhawan, Palam Dabri Road, Mahavir Enclave, Sulabh International Social Service Organisation, New Delhi, Delhi 110045

Entry And Closing Timing

Monday to Saturday – 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM On Sundays and holidays the timing is

On Sundays and holidays, the timing is 10 AM to 5 PM

Closed on:– The museum remains closed on  National holidays

Entry fees- Entry here is totally free of cost.

Phone Number- +91-11-25031518, +91-11-25031519



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